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Brass Owl

Formed in the conservative world of southern Ohio, BRASS OWL has never been a
typical band. Their jam-oriented sound isn’t just a testament to the band’s past
accomplishments, but also reflects how tightly they have gelled as a unit. Their music is reflective of a lifetime of playing music and a deep understanding of Rock N Roll. After the release of State of Mind, one can’t help but get excited about what these Ohio boys are going to be pulling out of their hats next. The mind behind this project, Brian Tarter, is thrilled to finally have a band where he has embraced being both a lyricist and a vocalist. This music gives him a platform to not only show off his guitar-slinging skills but also bring his songwriting to a new level. 

The band act as a tight unit combining all manner of musical ideas through a unique blend of jaw-dropping hooks and thrilling, largely improvised solos. Avoiding both tired stoned rock and roll cliches and maintaining a concise approach to songwriting, BRASS OWL aspires to be a new kind of jam band. BRASS OWL is a band who have not only paid their dues, they have nearly a century’s worth of experience between them. They are ready now to go out once more and claim the hearts of a legion of fans. With a sound that appeals to everyone from modern rockers to stoners, classic rock maniacs to acid jazz heads, BRASS OWL is unafraid to push the boundaries. This is not just
another jam band. This is a group with a distinct artistic vision. A motivated team with
the passion and the know-how to go far beyond the dives they cut their teeth in.





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