Brian Tarter

Vocals & Guitar

Brian Tarter 1

Brian Tarter was raised in a church going family with little musical influence outside the Christian religion. When his piers were listening to hard rock radio stations he was listening to instrumentalist…..and then the guitar addiction started. The monumental movie Cross Roads changed his life forever. He became inseparable from his guitar. There were many late-night sighting of Brian and his Model 6 Charvel at the high school parties and local cruise scene. His desire to create original music began.

Brian began listening to bands like Trouble, ZZ Top and The Allman Brothers. He started his first original band after graduating high school. Cajun Anger proved to be a stepping stone for his musical outlet. Taking the lessons of the Cross Roads movie to heart, he has tried to blend the technical skills of Steve Vai with the gritty roots blues of Robert Johnson. In the height of the 80’s guitar shredder era, Brian won the Guitar Center “Shredders Extravaganza” judged by Steve Vai himself. Brian won the contest and the opportunity to share the stage at Bogarts with the legend which reinforced desire to play and perform.

Brian has paid his dues in the local bars and honky tonks through his career in several local bands. Last year Brian was invited to participate in Mack Fest, a tribute to guitar legend Lonnie Mack. His most recent band The Magic Lightnin’ Boys has played at the Cincinnati Blues Fest, the Chicago Navy Pier, and has headlined at the RiversEdge Amphitheater. Delving into the recording process has driven him to explore other aspects of the music business. The Magic Lightnin’ Boys allowed him the opportunity to have his musical outlet and given him the ability to learn to record and mix and engineer his creations.

Brian’s most recent endeavor, Brass Owl, is the most diverse experimental compilation yet. Brian has always written the jaw dropping hook riffs in all the bands he has been in. Brass Owl is  no different, EXCEPT, now he has taken the role of lyricist and vocalist to create his favorite band ever! His latest creation pushes the boundaries of live jamming. Those sessions are hitting elements of all genres. In his newest recordings he includes everything from his blues/rock roots to a newly found passion for funk and jazz, and lets not forget the psychedelic realm.