Marcus Saskin


Marcus Saskin 1

Marcus started playing guitar and bass around age 12. The bass became his main focus around age 16 and he has played in 30+ bands over the years. Prior to moving to
Cincinnati in 2008, He lived in Boston and played with some guys from Berklee in a group called Death of Manager.

His most recent Projects prior to Brass Owl were an original Funk/Blues influenced group called Electric Son and a 90s Grunge cover band called The Vicarious. He has played most genres from Metal to Afrobeat. Marcus enjoys most styles of music with Rock and Grunge being his center.

With Brass Owl, Marcus says, I feel like I have found a home with great musicians and people where things don’t feel pressured or forced. Hopefully, this freedom will allow for our creativity to come through and we can follow up Brass Owls’ tradition of creating some great music to follow up the album State of Mind.